Saturday, July 7, 2012

IML Ecopark in Maasim

MAASIM, SARANGANI province’s newest resort rising on a peak in Lumasal village is IML(short for Irineo Miguel Lopez) Ecopark. It is located in an old hacienda now owned by former mayor Aniceto Lopez, Jr. and family. Ecopark is 20 kilometers from the Maasim proper which is 45 kilometers from General Santos City. IML Ecopark is an all-adventure destination, recreation, and a place for vacation. Located on the right side of the 33-hectare banana plantation is a shooting range. There’s a 580-meter long zip-line overlooking two swimming pools (one for adults, the other for kids), a garden, playground, a conference room and private cottages over on the left.There is a restaurant, a display center and parking space for up to 25 vehicles. A bigger conference hall will soon be constructed at the back portion for 300 business guests. The parking lot has five open cottages offering a view of the national highway, coconut trees and the seashore.


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